How many times have you received the call at work for seasoning assistance? Well this was me. Many times I had to put the reports on pause to walk my kids though the seasoning process, so our meal would be done when I got home from work. It all started when my daughter was able to pull the recipe from the spice cabinet and called me at work to verify if she had missed any thing. I then told her how much of each spice was needed to combine for the seasoning recipe and told her to dump it in the pot when she was ready to cook. She used my seasoning blend and made the perfect pot of oxtails. I knew then my recipe had to be shared. I gave my blends to many of my friends in exchange for feedback and recieved many positive reviews. I then started making blends for other dishes that I make. We strive to make your cooking experience quick and easy. Now that we have made some recipes simple, you can experience a different flavor everyday of the week with Da Blends.Let us elevate your taste buds.

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Mean Greens Know How

Da Salmon Know How

Turkey Burgy Know How

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